10 Soft Skills That Employers Like

As we talk about soft skills it is playing a very crucial role in all aspects of life. As we step in the corporate world it signifies a great existence on the workplace. The employers these days are very particular about the work culture and required soft skills at the work place.

The soft skill that today’s employer’s value most:
• Communication (oral and written)
• Public Speaking
• Team Work
• Time Management
• Leadership
• Flexibility
• Creativity
• Problem-solving
• Learning from criticism
• Working under pressure

Communication skills are the most important soft skills for an employee. The ability to communicate through the spoken and written word is a necessity in nearly every industry and in every workplace. Communication skills can be learned and improved with the right training. It may take time for employees to learn effective communication skills, particularly if they have a naturally shy disposition. In this case, a course on public speaking can work wonders. The techniques learned by speaking to a large crowd can be adapted for daily communications and these lessons are typically good confidence builders for employees.
Public Speaking
In today’s world every job needs public speaking as the key skill. Not necessarily your job involves giving presentations on a regular basis but you need to speak in all types of communications at the workplace. While handling a team, giving them instructions and even providing them with the information related to work it is mandatory that a person should be a good public speaker and capable of speaking clearly and effectively.
The following skills are important for anyone who has to present in public:
• Articulation
• Confidence
• Creating presentation slides
• Poise
• Projection
• Receiving criticism and feedback
• Social skills

Team Work
Team work skills allow you to operate well in a group setting in the workplace to quickly and effectively accomplish tasks. Every professional has to work in some or the other group if it is team project or any other task that is been assigned. You must possess the team management skills to share the responsibilities and bring the best out of the employees and colleagues.
The few qualities of a good team manager are:-
• Delegation
• Listening
• Active listening
• Collaboration
• Cooperation
• Coordination
• Idea exchange
• Mediation
• Negotiating
• Conflict resolution
• Relationship building

Time Management
Another key to effective employability is the mastering the skills of time management. As a professional you will have to complete a variety of tasks at the stipulated time frame. You have to budget your time accordingly so that you can complete the task by the given deadline. Following and reaching the timelines is one of the most important qualities in a professional. It shows the sincerity and hardworking quality as well. It also gives a trigger to your work reputation as builds trust on the company.
Leadership is the most important skill that every individual should possess to be a good employee. Whether you are working on a team or at a management position being a good leader to take the team towards the growth is an essential skill for every professional. Leadership is a soft skill that enables you to guide others while you fulfill the goals and mission of your organization. Leadership is critical for entrepreneurs.
Most of the organizations require the degree of flexibility and ability to open for change in the workplace. It is very important to adapt the different perspectives and understand the requirements of the job and act in the similar way. Adjusting with the workflow and making contributions to the company according to the change that arises with the daily life. There are few skills that enable you to show your flexibility like patience , problem solving, anger management etc.

Creativity is a broad type of soft skill that can help you develop innovative solutions to problems at work. Instructional designers, architects, and artists are examples of jobs where creativity is crucial to success. The creativity is the factor which distinguishes you from other people in the workforce and gives the upper edge for the employee recognition.
Problem solving abilities are a blend of using you analytical thoughts as well as the creative thoughts for finding the solutions. The diverse career where problem solving plays a vital role gives great opportunity to you to grow and become a boon for the employer.

Learning from Criticism
Learning from the criticism you get is the best tool to understand and improve in your career as well as life. Getting a feedback from anyone gives you the actual information about yourself. Taking criticism positively gives you the strength of working hard and even motivates you to work hard.

Working under pressure
Working under pressure is the ability that every employee should possess while working which makes them tough and you get to learn new aspects of working. Pressure handling ability gives more exposure and self learning so basically every employer looks for this ability in his employees because the job is something which come up with any challenge and new approach and you should be able to take it.

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