Habits that can make us Successful

‘You cannot change your future, but, you can change your habits and surely your habits will change your future’, said former President of India Late Dr. Abdul Kalam. It is certainly said right. If you are passionate about something and your deed are not align to it then it is with no meaning. It is your action and deeds which defines you, which makes you and ruins you. You know what most successful people have common in them? Not their fortune, but their habits. If your habits are focused in right direction and they become major part of what you want to be then one day, you will there, where you dreamt of.

These habits are simple and can be assimilated in our lives. It does not require any rocket science to follow them, but determination and focus for your dream. So if you are passionate about something, we have this article just for you. Surely these few things will help you in long run of life.

So let’s begin!

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  1. Read

Read a lot. Reading inspires you. You get many creative ideas from this habit. Not only creative ideas but you also tend to know all the happenings in the surrounding and you become savvy of almost everything.

  1. Do not focus on monetary gains

You should not be materialistic in everything you work. Sometimes happiness of others as well as yourself is a precious reward. At the end of the day people will not remember how much money we have earned but judge us by how many people still remember us in a good way.

  1. Set a fixed time to start your day.

A set routine of your wake up time will empower you with more energy and liveliness at work.

  1. Make your to do list

Do not work randomly. Give your wok and efforts a direction. Channel them in a particular way. Set your goals for each day and work accordingly to it.

  1. Complete your to do list

Specifying and outlying your goal is just the half job done. To be successful you do not need 50% but a whole 100%. So finishing you daily goals and challenges is equally important.

  1. List only things which are of utmost priority of the day in the ‘to do list’

All the alphas and omegas can wait. You should know your priorities and try to finish them first. Put those things which are important and must be done first. Start prioritizing your work. This will surely help you to complete your list.

  1. Plan, Schedule and Work

If you do not plan and put a schedule for it then it is always an unrealistic goal. They will be considered as intangible. For a plan to be real you are required to make schedule for it and put it in action.

  1. Have feedback

Your each work needs to be measured. This can be done only by taking feedback. Take reviews from your peers, professionals and expertise of your field. A feedback is always necessary to maintain and improve your skills and competencies.

  1. Follow your schedule

Many people engage themselves for hours and hours in leisure activity. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. all proves distraction to many of us. Set a time for each of them. Give your limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram but make sure you do not exceed that time.

  1. Have a break

Working continuously can block your creativity. Have an active break. A  break which will help to make you feel refreshed and ready to work again with same enthusiasm as you have started in the inception.

  1. Rise and shine early

Do you know what is most common between all the successful people? They all wake up early when most of the people are still sleeping. They start working for their dream when everyone else is still dreaming. Waking up early before 6 or 7 gives you enough time and an advantage to work longer than others.

  1. Give priority to your family

Famous business man Com Mirza says that though he starts early, he makes sure he has his dinner with family. After having dinner with his family, he is again back to work. Family is the important part of your life. You are doing everything and every bit for them. So putting them as your first priority is worth justified.

  1. Make comparison to you competitors.

Work much harder than your competitors. Look up on those who are ahead of you for competition and those you are lagging behind you. Remember there is always a scope for improvement. Always take it as a healthy competition.

  1. Make notes

Write down your goals and objectives to make it visible and close to you. The more you see them the more you get inspired to achieve them.

  1. Talk with people

Socialize. Talk with strangers. You might find someone in harmony with you. You can find anyone while talking like a potential employee, a business partner, an investor or a friend.

  1. Surround yourself with people who inspire

A man is judged by his company. So be sure you are in right company. Avoid those people whose distract you from your goal. Be with those who inspire you and motivate you for chasing your dreams.

  1. Keep it fit and healthy

Your own health and fitness should not be ignored. A fit body will facilitate you consistency in your work and more importantly a cheerful mind.

  1. Spend wisely.

You should save to invest and not to just hoard money. Research a lot and invest them wisely. Invest your money in those things which drive your goal and dream.

  1. Sacrifice

You may come across some situations where you may have to let go things that are dear to you. So be prepared for that. Just keep in mind everything has its cost. You need to let go some of your loved things for the cost of you betterment as well as those who are you dependent on you.

  1. Check your notes

Check your notes at regular intervals. Reviewing them will make you realize your progress.

  1. Be thankful

Never forget those who helped you in your journey. Remember to thank them for believing in you and forwarding their support towards you. Always be grateful to them.

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