How to be a star performer in a new organisation

Hired!!! Congrats!!! But wondering what next!!!

You can be a start performer only when you have Adaptability is important as if you don’t enjoy your surroundings, you ultimately don’t feel like working!!!

By following some of the important methods, you can develop a good bonding and adapt to new organizational surroundings easily!!!

Nervousness in initial days is quite normal but by breaking an ice with your colleagues is important.

Develop Mentoring Relationships

2) Quantify Results

3) Practice Self-Promotion

4) Establish a Bond with Your Boss

5) Acquire New Knowledge and Skills

6) Build Your Network

7) Ask for More Responsibilities

8) Act Professionally at All Times

9) Be a Team Player

10) Create Your Own Opportunities

Don’t plan your day. Go to work each day without a plan in mind.
Do the minimum. Have the attitude of “they don’t pay me for that.”
Rely on your current base of knowledge. No need to learn new skills.
Voice your complaints. Be vocal about what you don’t like at work.
Don’t share the credit. Put your name alone at the top of successful projects.

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