How to make through Group Discussions?

Group discussion is a part of almost every selection process these days. Group discussions have many advantages like it makes examiner know about your confidence level, your communication skills, your logical thinking, and your inventiveness to an old approach etc. This is the reason why it has been made one of the levels in the selection process. Here are some tips for making it through the group discussion round.


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  • Always try to be natural, do not try to fake your accent or fake your personality.
  • Do not be shy. Be confident in all terms and be candid.
  • Do not try to rush in things. Take your time as given by the examiner and think on points you want to speak on.
  • Try to remember your colleague’s name. It’s a good gesture when you address someone with their name.
  • Always try to start the discussion and make a conclusion. Extra points are given to that.
  • Take a note of facts and figures stated by your colleagues and make its use in your points to contradict it or to support it.
  • Be assertive but in a humble way.
  • Always try to give numbers, statistic in your points. They are more noticeable.
  • Be sound and logical when you are contradicting to anyone in the discussion.
  • Be optimistic about your approach.
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