How to prepare for interviews?

Being in an interview is always something which creates jitters in us. We are scared of the thought what can be asked in an interview. We prepare whole bunch of something and may be the interviewer is interested in some other point of your resume. In this trend of competition we must not lose any chance to impress interviewer and make sure he gets whatever he is looking for. If you have skills you can turn your interview the way you want but it surely needs practice. So here are some thumb rules you may want to know.


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Know the company which you are applying:

Most of the time there will be a question that what we know about them. A company must be having their website so before going for it check the website and get known to the company. Things like what this company do, who are their client, who are on their key posts etc. So that you can answer questions like. Some questions are tricky and their answer you might not find on the website, so if you don’t know ask politely about the answer.

Build your resume:

Build your resume strategically. High light your main achievement from latest to older ones. Point out your extracurricular activities in your career. Your goals must be realistic and not too much over ambitious. You must mention your strengths and how it can be useful to the company. You must even write your weaknesses but those weaknesses that can be overcome.

Prepare your resume well:

The interviewer will not ask you anything beyond your resume. So prepare for whatever you have wrote into it. For example if you have mentioned photography as your hobby do take into consideration you now your favorite photograph of the year, you know your favorite photographer, why you like the work of that particular photographer. You can prepare about your project, what task you did in your project, what was your contribution.


The interviewer will of course ask you to introduce yourself, you need to keep this in mind you do not repeat those which are already in the resume. Your interviewer has your resume and he can read that from it. Tell about how are you as a person, what do you like to do in your spare time, something unique in you how does it is helpful to the company.

You should not:

You should not directly bump on asking about salaries and holidays. You should not go in casuals for an interview. You should not ask questions like am I selected? They will inform you are selected no need to ask for it.

Contact details:

Mention your contact details clearly and accurately. You don’t want this if you are selected in the process and your interviewers is not able to contact you.

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