Management lessons from Chanakya

Chanakya is known for his concepts and ideas on how to recognize a leader and how to prepare them to administrate a country in his book called Kautilya’s Arthashastra. Chanakya was considered to be the most powerful management teacher, as we say so in contemporary world, of 3rd century BC. He is said to be responsible for bringing down the Nanda Empire and establishing kingdom of his capable student Chandragupta Maurya. Thus he is also referred as King Maker. His laws and rules for governing a country as well as for grooming the king are famous from his time till now and studied by people worldwide. They are practical and flexible, and hence can be implemented in the modern day management world.


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Let’s have a look on some of its prominent rules prescribed for mangers.

  1. It is necessary to access and vitalize the power. The power does not symbolize only physical strength but all sort of power such as financial power, man power, morale and enthusiasm power.
  2. The King or manger can experience rebel from inside as well as outside the organization
  3. You should control your senses such as greed, anger, lust, pride, arrogance, and impulsiveness
  4. If you are enthusiastic about something, your team will also be. Your team looks up on you. Your less conviction in work will not inspire them to work with conviction.
  5. Chanakya says the king, the minister, the country, the fortified city, the treasury, the army and the ally are the seven pillars of the business and they must work in harmony.
  6. Success can be achieved by any of the three elements or by all of them that is by counsel, power of might and energy.
  7. A leader must hold the quality of inspecting the work constantly
  8. A leader with no eye of science and technology can destroy the empire and the people of empire.
  9. A leader should take a note of everything that is urgent. A delay can only worsen the things for future.
  10. Qualities of energy are dexterity, bravery and quickness.
  11. A leader should not let his competition know about his weaknesses while he should try to find weaknesses of his competition.
  12. An opportunity can come only once to the person who is waiting for it. The chances that the same opportunity will arrive again to the same person are very rare.
  13. Always favor the good while discard the wicked
  14. Avoid discouraging those who are worth of honor. You should not follow falsehood.
  15. Listen to the experts in the field. They have experience, utilize it.
  16. Avoid negligence and indolence.
  17. Be righteous to everyone. Give everyone what they deserve.
  18. Do not be biased.



  1. Manger’s attitude toward their Employees

The manger should take care of the following things for managing their employees.

  • Consider Safety as well as security of employees
  • Be careful at Selecting the Right Managers
  • Decide Rank
  • Stop Attrition by taking correct steps
  • Change jobs of the employees according to their expertise
  • Guide employee toward their First Step
  • Preventive measures for Death on Duty
  • Taking Care of Employees through incentives and other beneficial programs.
  • Put Security Above Salary
  • Command Promotion as appreciation of good work
  • Make People Accountable through their work
  • Give importance to Safety in any Deal Making
  • Encourage come back of ex-workers
  • Be terse when explaining the employees of organization
  • Have a quality control check within equal intervals


  1. Finance

Manger’s role for controlling and improving finance of the organization should be

  • He must know the rule Net profit Counts
  • Take Care of Treasury in Difficult times
  • Manage Wages of employees
  • Budgeting plays a crucial role
  • Pay Taxes on Time
  • Take Profit Margin into consideration
  • Manage Proper Accounts
  • Take care of Advance Money
  • Make Timely Payments of employees and other clients
  • Avoid Dirty Money
  • Indulge Money for Wealth Creation
  • Invest Money for More Money


21.Team work

Manager’s role for team work:

  • Employ Security and Monitoring Systems
  • Opt to Right Business Partner
  • Conduct Effective Meetings
  • Plan a Business Trip to increase bond among each other
  • Manage Public Relations with the help of professionals
  • Honor Men who are worthy
  • Conduct Good Meetings
  • Complete the daily goals and tasks
  • Explain why they want to succeed?
  • Encourage Working Together
  • Get Everyone Involved in the project and utilize their strength
  • Utilize the power of Communication
  • Try to avoid fights within the organization
  • Brainstorming is worth considering for betterment of organization
  • Team up to Succeed
  • Define Common Purpose to everyone


22. Strategies for business development

The strategies should be:

  • Accessing to required Information
  • Following Principles of Management
  • Think with an Open Mind
  • Put effort in managing Multiple Projects
  • Constantly follow up with new technologies
  • Implement Disaster Management
  • Make sure timing is Right for every project you consider
  • In-corporate Social Responsibility among the employees as well as within yourself
  • Regulate a Stable Organization
  • Promote Working in New Regions
  • Have a proper Intelligence Management within the organization
  • Time Management should be done
  • Ensure Growth
  • Check Crime Planners


23. Proper training

A proper training requires four elements that are trainee, boss, organization and most important advice

A trainee should be trained early. You should not corrupt them. Degrees alone should not be the criteria for selection. You can mix and match old and new ones. Make sure they are really active person. Advice them on new technologies with right attitude.

A boss should be an asset. You are required to identity potential leaders from the crowd. But moreover one should not force anyone to take the responsibility. The responsibility of being a boss should only be endowed when he is willing to accept it.

Organization should be a disciplined. Cleanliness of work should be maintained.

Take advice from learned and experienced. Have patience and do not jump upon a particular decision without seeking advice.


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