Reasons to Have Bigger and Smarter Goals in Life

As we all know setting goals in life is a very important part of every individual in the world. The importance of goal setting can be understood by the person who has lived his life without a goal and achieving nothing in life. Having bigger goals can sometimes be scary and demoralizing and makes us feel as if we can’t attain them. But having smart goals will always help you achieve it and makes the path of achieving it also very easy. The SMART method of goal setting will definitely help you to set goals and achieve them.

S- Specific

M- Measurable


R- Relevant

T- Time bound

It is definitely important to have bigger and smarter goals but have we ever thought why? Unless we have goals in life or we set proper goals in life we will never try to achieve them and never give our 100% towards anything that we can achieve. There is no point in setting a goal if we don’t want to achieve them or it is not attainable. Actually the fact is we don’t know where we stand and what we can do unless we set a goal and test our reach and limits or we can say the capability of attaining that goal. So if you set a bigger goal you will give more than your capability to achieve that and smarter goals will help you to work efficiently and gain what is actually required. It will make your life happy and enjoyable as you are working hard for something that you love to gain.


How having clear-cut Goals help us to be better


  • Allow Yourself To Dream Big

Once when we set a goal for our self it gives us a motivation and creates that gravitation towards achieving the set goals in life. It automatically strengthens the will power and pushes us towards the goal. When we move every single day with a vision in mind and actually dream big and run behind it for achieving it we don’t have spare time for any other non productive activity in life. We actually start living an enriched life and slowly we see that we have transformed our self into a new person entirely as we are busy in chasing what we believe is possible and don’t want to waste time in any other thing.


  • They help us Improve

Setting bigger goals help us to improve our self in every aspect as it expands our vision and come across the real world. It enhances our personality and potential and helps in exploring more of yourself. Bigger and smarter goals help us improve in our approach towards the things and force us to be internally strong to strengthen the foundation of whatever we have set as a goal. It spreads positivity and brightness around us.


  • Powerful Development

Bigger and smarter goals make us more resilient and helps us realize that we can’t waste a single day or a single minute of the life in doing something which is non productive or doesn’t relate to our goal. There are many distractions that might up come up when we try to dedicatedly do something or to work hard towards the goal. In order to achieve big goals we must be very resilient and relentless. Setting goals makes us powerful and also gives us the motivation and makes us aware of the facts and gives the best experiences of life. It changes our behaviour totally as a person which is the biggest benefit of setting goals.

At this point it doesn’t even matter whether we achieve the big goal or not.  We have achieved arguably a greater victory of having significantly improved ourselves.  This is the ultimate ancillary benefit of setting big goals.  They help us to build, and improve ourselves, dramatically, and it is done through a sustainable change.  It is done through the power of habit.

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