Reference Check of a New Employee

While hiring a new employee an employer is bound to check employee’s  background. As an employer there can be many aspects you want to know about the person. During an interview you get to know one side of the coin that is from the employee. The other side may come to your sight if you make an organized reference check. Reference check does not mean only checking valid documents but also the background of the person. You may come across a candidate who is carrying a fake experience certificate or has some other issue in the past. The best way to rule out these candidates is facilitated by having a background check.

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The referees are not necessarily had to be their ex-employers. They can be anyone who can give you information on the character, performance, and behavior of the person. Few days ago we noticed a case when a candidate was rejected after his background check. He was rejected because he left his last job without a service notice. The employers considered this deed of him as irresponsible attitude and gave him their verdict. A simple conversation and verification with his ex-employer helped them to choose a right person for their job profile.
When there is a matter of confidentiality and high security you are empowered to have a criminal background check under the Privacy Act. With this you have the right to appoint only those with minor criminal accusation that should not result into imprisonment sentence. This makes easier for any employer to handover responsibility to a trust worthy person.
The other thing an employer most importantly does is check person’s citizenship. Sometimes there are certain rules for person, not citizen of your country, that you need to know. They may be not allowed to work in your country. Failing to this may cause a serious offense and may harm reputation of your firm. A proper proof of identification from the candidate is another must thing. A case of forging brewed when a medical firm appointed a practicing doctor, not even a medical bachelor, who was using some other doctor’s license. After revelation of this matter, the doctor was given prison sentence. With the going condition it seems easy to forge identification. So be sure about checking proper identification and verifying them through experts. You cannot be sure about anyone just by having a look to their presented pieces of paper.

Here are some steps you should go while a Reference Check:

1. Ask for referee contact details from the candidate. The referees can be anyone who know them closely and can give relevant information. Sometimes employees do not want their current employers to get informed about their new job search. So work accordingly.

2. Be sure of the questions. You may be concerned about particular aspects about the candidate during the interview. You should be clear of them and ask those questions with confidence.

3. Contact the referees. Be sure of the time to call them. It is a good idea to first ask them their suitable time and then contact the.

4. Ask for more than one referee. May be you fail to get desired information one referee, in that case you have another option.

5. No written reference. Written reference from the ex-employer is not sufficiently authenticated. There are various ways to forge it. So do not go for them.

6. Suitability concern. Your main purpose should be figure out if the person is suitable for your job. Choose a correct candidate for your firm according to your convenience.

Hope this article proves helpful for you. Indeed reference check of an employee benefits you in many ways. Just be sure you are carrying out your background check in the right way.

Here is sample reference for you all from us.

Reference check form

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