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Holi!!! An Indian festival of colours. If you are an HR, then must be thinking what should I do different in this Holi from last year in my office!!!

Tricky!!! Right!!! Yes, I being the HR do get in the same boring situation.

So, would like to share some of my unusual viewpoints this holi and would like to get your ideas too so that it helps me too!!!!

So, let’s get started

What I notice is that we do send the same mail to our fellow colleagues wherein they are told to dress up in white or any bright color to mark Holi!!! Right!!!
And then we play Holi with colours and play games and have some gujiyas… Boring… Every Year the same!!!
I am doing something different this year!!!
First of all, we will be depicting Holi of different states this year!!! Yes!!! we have made teams and we want to do it as a team building exercise and so we will be depicting Holi of Punjab, Maharashtra, the famous Lathmaar Holi of Barsana, Bollywood Holi and Cross cultural Holi!!!
Barsana is famous for the Holi in a twist!!! Yes, it is known for it’s Lathmaar Holi.. wheis the most famous place associated with Holi – the festival of colors, but with a twist! Holi is the claim to fame for Barsana a small town near Mathura but not just any Holi; it has a special Lath Mar Holi or the beating with a stick Holi. It is the celebration of this colorful, vibrant, naughty festival but the tradition involves the beating of the men of the town by the women and the men cannot retaliate but only pack themselves well so that they don’t get injured. Isn’t that interesting? – See more at:

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